Subject: VS3100 and SCSI
To: None <>
From: shox <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/31/1999 20:31:36
Hi guys. After spending a few weeks struggling to get the appropriate
cable for the console, my VS3100/30 now has a head.

My question arises with respect to SCSI. I am trying to get a Seagate
ST1480N drive (around 425mb) and a Plextor CDROM drive to work. After I
verify hardware actually works, then I can try messing with NetBSD.


Do the devices need to be parity or non-parity? 

Does it matter what SCSI IDs I put them on? The page on
seems to indicate specific IDs for specific devices. Does it matter? I
only have one hard drive and one CDROM in the system.

Do I need to use the "block" jumper on the CDROM drive? It's a Plextor
drive. According to the manual, it says "Leave this OFF, unless you are
working in a UNIX environment and want to boot from your CD-ROM drive."

I've tried various combinations and haven't been able to get them to come
up in "show dev". Right now, I have the HDD at SCSI ID 2 and the CDROM at
SCSI ID 4. The HDD is not terminated, jumpered so that the bus supplies
the termination. The CDROM is terminated and chained as the second device. 

The last thing to note is that "show dev" consistently comes back with an
entry for a nonexistant disk. Here's what it says:

 -------  ------  --------  ------  --------  -----  --  ------  ---
 ESA0     SE0     08-00-2B-13-2B-13

 DUA2     RX2               DISK               RM        RX23

 ...HostID....    A/6       INITR

What is the deal with "DUA2/RX2"? There are no other disks in the system.

Thanks guys. I'm getting fairly frustrated with this so I figured it was
time to seek help.