Subject: Re: Need identification
To: Michael Wolfson <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/31/1999 17:05:59
This is a 10 line RS422 serial interface for machines with a VAXBI bus. 
This generally means a VAX 6000 or 8000. Definitely worth finding a home
for this card!!! Anybody got an 8800 out there and needs some async 
lines?? :-) There is a cab kit, model number CK-DMB32-L[JM] for VAX 8[85]00
and 8200 respectively. Like XMI, VAXbi boards have any connections through
the backplane, nothing on the 'front'. Some 6000s have BI buses, IIRC. 
These represent a totally different world of the VAX universe than Qbus, 
and are in the third generation of VAXen i guess you could say. BI and XMI
never caught on but are a real performance and engineering leap above 
Qbus and the microVAXen. Theyre nexus buses, like SBI is on a 780, and so
this board you have, like any other BI or XMI board, has full powers and
rights of a VAX processor when it comes to being a part of the machine. All
such devices talk through paged virtual DMA. Its sort of nifty to have
a serial IO card that manipulates page tables!! :-)  (it also made these 
options tons more expensive than Qbus ones, which is why VAX4000's 
shipped with Qbus so often ;) 

well, i highly recommend finding it a good home! 

happy hacking,

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, Michael Wolfson wrote:

> Hi,
> I ran across an odd vax card and was wondering if anyone could help me
> identify it.  Since I don't actually own any vax hardware, I was also
> wondering if anyone wanted it.
> It's unlabeled except for various numbers that could be construed as model
> numbers.  There are no external connectors, only a card-edge connector.  It
> looks pretty fancy and came in a padded anti-static plastic container.
> On the left side:
> 50-17641-01 D2   LPWR digital GS-2  30789-2136  digital
> On the far side from the connector:
> DMB32 T1012-01
> On a barcoded label:
> T1012-00  K05  AS00218749
> By the connector:
> 3.2 VAXBI
> On the board are chips labeled:
> MC68000P10
> crystal oscillator at 3.6864 MHz
> EEPROMs labeled DEC89 LM9008 370E6
>                 DEC89 LM9012 369E6
> Chip with heat-sink:
> DEC 1985 21-21689-03
> MKXA03
> Z850086 I 8910
> Thanks,
>   -- MW