Subject: Re: VAX 4000-200
To: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/31/1999 03:36:15
Hi !

>How difficult would it be to port NetBSD to the 4000-200? Has there been
>any work done on a port yet, or is it yet to come?

Just wait a bit... I did the 4000/300-port and the next days i start to get
this 4000/200 running. I don't have such a machine, so i can only try to get
it running by the information i get. If you have a QBus ethernet adapter,
you may be starting soon. SHAC and SGEC might take a bit longer, but main
functionality will be no problem. Only thing which could make trouble is the
cache. Never got this initialized on my VAXstation 4000 VLC (same CPU as in
the VAX 4000/200)

>It recently got my hands on one. It has a KA660 processor,
>3 1Gig DSSI disks, a card with a SCSI-interface (no clue yet
>what kind) plus a KFQSA card. The KFQSA card looks like it is
>some kind of SCSI interface too, but i'm not sure. Any ideas?

If one is a KZQSA, you may put it in a safe place. There were roumors in the
list, that this card could make trouble if no driver initializes it correct.
KFQSA, isn't it a DSSI controller ? If it's not MSCP, you may also put it
away for now :-)

>It used to be clustered with another VAX of the same type, running
>VMS. When i try to boot it seems that it used to load the OS from
>the other VAX. What do i need to do to use it standalone? I have VMS
>on CD, and i know i can boot off the CD if i connect it to the SCSI-port.
>Is there anything that i need to do to the setup in the bootrom?

Just try "show dev" to see all devices. SCSI devices should start with
"DKA", if your CD-ROM has ID 3, just try "BOOT DKA3" or "BOOT DKA300"

>BTW, i must say it's rather cool with a computer the size of a small
>fridge. :-)

But it doesn't cool, it heats :-) But according to the VAXbar somewhere seen
in the web, you can change this behaviour and can keep some beers cool in
your VAX...

BTW: Could you try the booter on my homepage on this box ?
Here's the URL:

Maybe this already does useful things.

so long.. Michael