Subject: Re: installing problems
To: paul yaskowski <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/30/1999 09:06:50
> I'm having the worst luck installing..
> Anyway, my scsi disks in my vaxstation 3100 have bad sectors.  i've
> formatted them with the "test 75" console command, but netbsd still has
> problems with some areas.  when it attempts to write to an affected
> area, the kernel panics and i find myself back at the chevron prompt. 
> from what i've read, you use the "bad144" program to check for bad
> sectors.  is that true?  can anyone else offer help on how to get
> around my bad sectors?  and, i grabbed all the precompiled sets from
>, and none of them included a bad144 program.  i'm used
> to linux's mkfs, which spawns badblocks to check for them.  is there
> anyway to do this in netbsd/vax?
That sounds strange. After a formatting all sectors should be OK. 
SCSI do not have any support for bad144 or similar due to how SCSI works,
but you can use the program "badsect" to avoid special sectors.

Which panic do you get? 

-- Ragge