Subject: Follow up on VS3100 M48
To: NetBSD \"Port-VAX\" Mailing List <>
From: Douglas Meade <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/27/1999 17:37:51
This is the computer that I thought had too much memory.  Well,
I pulled the extra 16 Mb, and ran it for several hours with 
just the bare system board, and it did splendidly (I put in 
several dozen compiles, CPU utilization was up to about 45%,
but it kept chugging along happily).  Then I hooked the SCSI
panel, CD and TZ30 back, and the problems began.

I tried copying some data to tape: "tar xvf /dev/rmt0 /etc"

and almost immediately, I see:

  panic: Segv in kernel mode: pc 80000a5b addr 51000
   syncing disks ... Trap : type 2, code 0, pc 8024df1e, psl 4140000


Now, does anybody else on the list have one of these (VS3100-M48, 
originaly with 32 Mb) and does the tape or CD work for them? (I 
haven't tried the CD yet).  Could it be a bad SCSI controller,
or is this a configuration that's just not supported yet?