Subject: [ Re: VAXstation 3100 netboot problems]
To: None <>
From: paul yaskowski <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/23/1999 22:25:31
* Brian D Chase ( [07.22.99 20:59]:


> Well, if it's repeating the message
>   kadath mopd[12768]: 8:0:2b:11:12:92 (1) Do you have MOPBOOT? (Yes)
> as it reports, well it sounds like something is breaking down in the
> communication between the VAX and mopd on the Linux server.  What version
> of the Linux kernel are you using and what distribution and its version
> are you using?  I've yet to test out the setup on a newer Linux kernel so
> I wouldn't be surprised if something's gone terribly strange since the
> RedHat 4.2 days.

  Linux kadath.nihilism.lan 2.2.9 #3 Sat Jun 26 15:33:43 EDT 1999 i686

  I'm running Mandrake 6.0, which is based off of RedHat 6.0, pretty
much 99% compatible with it.  I've got a bunch of other computer lying
around, and I can dig out an old copy of Slackware, 3.x or 4.0, if you
think that would help.  This is the first copy of a RedHat type distro
that I've ever used, and don't have any old copies lying around.  (BTW,
RedHat is heaven for someone who grew up using Slackware. ;))


> If it doesn't indicate a number, then it's most likely an M30 unless
> someone's gone an swapped in an M38 mainboard into an M30 case (unlikely).
> It's a fairly standard box, runs at 2.8 VUPS or 2.8 MIPS depending on what
> makes you comfortable.
> Minicom uses the [meta]-F key to send a break, where the [meta] is
> usually either the Alt key or Ctrl-A depending on your minicom setup.
> [meta]-Z pops up a nice little help screen.
> -brian.
> ---
> Brian "JARAI" Chase | | VAXZilla LIVES!!!

  I looked around, and on further inspection, there is a "VS42A-AA" on
the back of it.  I'm not too familiar with VAXes.  Alright, I lie, I
know nothing about them.  I was given these by a friend who was
throwing them out, and I'm a sucker for any computer.  I can paste
moptraces if they would help you, but as far as I can read them, they
seem to be ok.

  Thanks for the help, I'd hate to have to scrap these machines. :)

 paul yaskowski [a paradigm of a paramount failure]