Subject: Installing on 4000-60
To: None <>
From: Rich Lafferty <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/23/1999 21:53:40
Hey there, vax fans --

I've recently got my hands on a VAXstation 4000-60. While I'd originally
intended to leave VMS on there, it hasn't been turned on in a month,
which doesn't bode well for my effort to learn VMS administration. :-)

So, I go about installing NetBSD -- but the FAQ for the vax port linked
to from the port's page on is a few years old, and its
hardware compatibility list doesn't match up with what I've heard to
be correct.

SO I've got this 4000-60 with mono display and RZ25, and an RZ56 and
TZ30 in a Storage Expansion, that I want to put to use -- but what
I need to know is what I'll be able to do with it :-)

(It *may* have a color framebuffer, though -- I can't tell what it
is from the card, but it's got a three-tiny-coax-connector-in-a-
D-shell to 3BNC cable, of which I use one BNC connector. :-)

Any pointers, success stories, etc?

Thanks in advance,


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