Subject: Re: VAXstation 3100 netboot problems
To: paul yaskowski <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/22/1999 17:50:14
On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, paul yaskowski wrote:

>   I turn the VAX on, break it to the console, and type 'b/100 esa0' and
> then 'mopboot', the mop image on my linux box.  Mopd reports some
> activity, as does my syslogs.  I see this on my console:
> root@kadath fs]# mopd -a -d
> mopd: not running as daemon, -d given.
> MOP DL 8:0:2b:11:12:92   > ab:0:0:1:0:0      len   18 code 08 RPR
> MOP DL 0:40:5:5e:df:71   > 8:0:2b:11:12:92   len    1 code 03 ASV
> [snip]
> nauseum, repeating every 5 minutes or so.  I see this in my
> syslogs:
> Jul 21 19:07:20 kadath mopd[12768]: mopd 2.5.3 started.
> Jul 21 19:07:20 kadath mopd[12768]: Initialized eth0
> Jul 21 19:07:20 kadath kernel: mopd uses obsolete (PF_INET,SOCK_PACKET)
> Jul 21 19:09:53 kadath mopd[12768]: 8:0:2b:11:12:92 (1) Do you have
> MOPBOOT? (Yes)
> Jul 21 19:10:35 kadath last message repeated 3 times

Well, if it's repeating the message

  kadath mopd[12768]: 8:0:2b:11:12:92 (1) Do you have MOPBOOT? (Yes)

as it reports, well it sounds like something is breaking down in the
communication between the VAX and mopd on the Linux server.  What version
of the Linux kernel are you using and what distribution and its version
are you using?  I've yet to test out the setup on a newer Linux kernel so
I wouldn't be surprised if something's gone terribly strange since the
RedHat 4.2 days.

>   And on another note, I really don't have a clue as to what model my
> VAX is, there are no identifying marks on the case that stand out and
> say "M38" or "M30" and stuff.  I know it has 16Mb of RAM, and (2) 212Mb
> SCSI drives, but beyond that, nothing.  And, would any of you gurus
> happen to know how to send a break to the VAX?  I'm using minicom to
> connect via the serial console on the VAX, and I've wondered how to
> break it back to the boot console without having to get up and hit the
> break switch on the back of the VAX. :)

If it doesn't indicate a number, then it's most likely an M30 unless
someone's gone an swapped in an M38 mainboard into an M30 case (unlikely).
It's a fairly standard box, runs at 2.8 VUPS or 2.8 MIPS depending on what
makes you comfortable.

Minicom uses the [meta]-F key to send a break, where the [meta] is
usually either the Alt key or Ctrl-A depending on your minicom setup.
[meta]-Z pops up a nice little help screen.

Brian "JARAI" Chase | | VAXZilla LIVES!!!