Subject: Re: Strange things...
To: Cthulhu <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/18/1999 21:35:48
On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, Cthulhu wrote:

> Strange things:
> 	1) If the VAX boots when the 'timed' master is down, timed drops a
> 		core.

Hey, be happy that that's the only thing dumping core on you :-)  My root
filesystem is littered with *.core files.  There were some problems with under 1.4, the 1.4.1 binary release is on its way so hopefully the
most significant problems experienced with 1.4 will go away.

> 	2) If I re-launch manually timed, after booting up the linux box,
> 		usually the VAX hangs.

Yeah, that's always been the case.  If you get the time set correctly in
single user mode, everything seems to be fine.  If you try setting the
time from a cold booted system under multi-user mode, it just hangs.  I've
never bothered to understand precisely why this happens in multi-user
mode.  Time to submit a problem report on the matter I guess.

> 	3) Sometime the NFS mounted directories get permission d---------.
> 		Manually chmoding them to drwxr-xr-x works fine.

Never seen that before, and I even mount some of my filesystems from Linux
systems.  Can you provide more details on the NFS problems?  (What's your
Linux distribution, which filesystems do you see the problems with, what
are the servers exports like?).  I can attempt to reproduce the problems
on my systems.

Brian "JARAI" Chase | | VAXZilla LIVES!!!