Subject: Re:1.4.1 kernels
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Bernhard H. Buckel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/14/1999 22:49:54

>>>>> "David" == David Brownlee <> writes:

    David> 	I believe Ragge managed to get the swap fixes into the
    David> tree for 1.4.1. Given the tree was tagged last night I've

Great! At the moment I'm trying to compile a kernel on my VS2000
without swap and using a SCSI drive attached to the tape port - it's
slow and watching the interrupt load on top is "tremendous fun" :-)

    David> run off a generic and a 'postage stamp' config for memory
    David> shy uVax and VS2000 users:

Rejoice! This is great news for us "lunchboxers" - I was planning to
run the lunchbox as a small webserver.

    David> 	These _should_ be the same as in the upcoming 1.4.1
    David> release, but no guarantees. Either way they should fix the
    David> swap problems.

We'll see. I'm at home now but I assume that it will be mirrored here
in Germany tomorrow. And then I'll try it out...

    David> 	Many thanks to Ragge for all the work!

Yup. Ragge already received several virtual beers from me, but if he
can manage to give me his postal address, I'll send him a sixpack of
local booze (I know it's _really_ expensive in Sweden) :-)

    David> 	All in

    David> 	    netbsd.generic.gz Generic kernel
    David> 'postage stamp' kernel for KA410, 630 and 650
    David> _POSTAGE_STAMP_ Kernel config for above

    David>   Note: If you are using the _POSTAGE_STAMP_ config to
    David> configure and build your own kernel you will need to
    David> uncomment VAX43 support, or add an extra #ifdef to locore.c

I learnt this from my first try to compile a kernel, isn't it related
to the SCSI-code for the VS3100?

    David>  Note2: I have tested the generic kernel, but was unable to
    David> test the kernel - please let me know if it works
    David> for you!

Uhmmm... Did it refuse to work or what was the reason for this?



No nagging intended, but is there a chance that DMA will be supported
on the tape controller of the VS2K someday? I looked at the code
(isn't free software great?) but being mainly a <GASP>Pascal and
Fortran</GASP> man, I couldn't understand it that much :-)

What does the word "hensa" mean? I saw this sometimes when my kernel
panicked while fsck'ing. Just curious.

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