Subject: Re: MicroVax II with 5 Mb of memory occasionally hangs
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Bernhard H. Buckel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/12/1999 11:38:52
Hi all,

>>>>> "Chuck" == Chuck McManis <> writes:

    Chuck> Hi Doug, It sounds very much like you are encountering the
    Chuck> dreaded 'swap and die' bug. You have a couple of choices,

Same here :-( Anyway, it's a small comfort that I'm not alone...

    Chuck> the first is to add more memory (not always possible I

Well, I run a VS2000 with 14MB RAM which is the maximum. I don't think
that a kernel will compile without swapping <SIGH>. I'll try this
today, anyway.

    Chuck> know) the other is to disable swapping (take swap out of
    Chuck> the configuration) This means you will have programs that
    Chuck> die for lack of VM but you should get to run longer. (trade

Hmmm - one might guess that Doug's MV with 5 MB will be pretty useless
until this is fixed :-(

    Chuck> offs) Ragge has a couple of bug fixes in -current that
    Chuck> might help.

Does this mean that the kernels at subzero don't show this nasty
behaviour or do I have to get the -current sources and try to compile
them without swap?



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