Subject: Re: Do you remeber me?
To: Cthulhu <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/10/1999 18:04:08
Hi !

> > Try to use some RDxx as swap device. My VS II works absolutely stable.
> I have 16MB of swap on the RD53, but it hangs!
> I'll try to do some bad block check now, how can I do some check on memory?

Usually, the ROM does very good memory checks (just think so... look at the
time for the mem check :-).

> > Except on-CPU peripherals (SHAC for DSSI and SGEC for network) it works. You
> Right, so no netboot and no HDD boot here. Useful. :)
> No one tried to cross-compile from a linux box?

Not completely right: I do netboot via a DELQA qbus network card. Why should
someone try to cross-compile ? The 4000/300 is very fast, it's a real fun to
run thru "make". full kernel compile needs about 3 hours, but during the
development, you only need to recompile some files, so it takes about 5-10
minutes for the next kernel.

> > VAX 4000/300 -> I'm still waiting for further info about the battery-backed
> > clock, so there is no support yet. You may waht to use timed here also.
> BTW, or my linux timed is crazy, or I need to read MORE docs...

I never tried, i just enter "date blah..." after booting :-)

> 	setupping, 

have fun... and get a QBUS network adapter...

so long... Michael