Subject: Re: VS3100 Framebuffer Issues... Please help!
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From: emanuel stiebler <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/10/1999 13:29:34
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Subject: VS3100 Framebuffer Issues... Please help!

> Hi! I've got a VAXStation 3100 with an 8 plane graphics expansion hooked
up to
> a VR290 color monitor that i'm trying to get NetBSD 1.4 running on. I was
> reading the release notes and saw that NetBSD 1.4 is now capable of
> off the graphics console on the 2100/3100 series workstations as long as
> system was running off its onboard mono framebuffer.
> I removed the 8 plane option from the system, and now I do not get any
> at all on the console.

Yes ;-))

> I was wondering if there is a jumper on the motherboard

There is a jumper on the motherboard, to disable ALL graphics,
and switch to the serial console. It's the little switch on the lefts side
of the diagnose LEDs.

> I have to switch to re-enable the onboard mono framebuffer or if i have to
> switch the connections to the R/G/B ports on the back of the monitor or
something like that to get the mono graphics working properly.

If you like to see what's in the monochrome framebuffer, you have to use a
different cable for the video, because the video signal (monochrome) is not
on any of the R-G-B signals, but on a different pin.

Advantage ? you can use two monitors on one Vax.
Disadvantage ? You have to find the right cables ;-))

But the description is somewhere here, but i don't remeber where.

I guess, i make a Video on Vaxstations FAQ ;-))

cheers & have fun,