Subject: Re: Do you remeber me?
To: Cthulhu <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/09/1999 07:39:29
Hi !

> Problems:
> 	1) without swap, I can't compile the kernel (9MB RAM).
> 	   With swap it hangs.  

Try to use some RDxx as swap device. My VS II works absolutely stable.

> 	   How the support for the VAX 4000-300 is?

Except on-CPU peripherals (SHAC for DSSI and SGEC for network) it works. You
have to set the time every boot, and use a QBUS network card, but therefore you
can really boot from harddisk, if it's in the QBus :-)

> 	   I'm wondering about netboot the last, mount / from NFS, and
> 	   compile kernel from here... a lot faster, if it works.

I do every compile so. 64 Megs of RAM don't need swap to compile the kernel.

> 	2) 'timed' works only if launched with '-t' (log on file), and this
>   	   happen even on linux machines. Moreover, after a while, on the
> 	   VAX it drops a core and die.
> 	   I still have no backup battery on the VsII...

VAX 4000/300 -> I'm still waiting for further info about the battery-backed
clock, so there is no support yet. You may waht to use timed here also.

BTW: find KA670 (VAX 4000/300)-compatible kernel and booter on
Under "download" get the file "", this includes booter and
kernel to start. (Sorry for .ZIP format... but .gz results in text/plain on my
provider's webserver).

so long.. Michael