Subject: Miniroot Boot Failure
To: None <>
From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/08/1999 18:43:53
Hi Gang:

I've been away from NetBSD/Vax for some months. Today I thought I'd give
it a try once again. I downloaded the 1.4 sets and miniroot.fs, made a
TK50, and booted from it:

>>> b mua0 


>> NetBSD/vax boot [May  7 1999 06:49:43] <<
>> Press any key to abort autoboot 0
> boot netbsd
boot failed: No such file or directory
> boot netbsd.gz
boot failed: Not a directory
> boot netbsd.old
boot failed: Not a directory
> boot gennetbsd
boot failed: Not a directory

The autoboot fails as above. All the text was auto-generated, I didn't
type anything after B MUA0.

My TK50 was made by ftping the miniroot.fs onto VMS (yes, in "binary"
mode), and then copying it to the tape. Yes, I mounted the tape FOREIGN
and BLOCK=512.

 This must be a known problem. Help!


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD