Subject: Re: Oooooh... IDE to Q-bus/Unibus adapters.
To: None <>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/08/1999 12:48:41
<youll have to do a LOT of work then if you want to support a from the 
<ground up different device type, rather than letting it live under the 
<MSCP wrapper. besides, MSCP, being part of DSA, is a _really_ slick 
<thing. things like MSCP _still_ have no equal in the PeeCee world, and

True, I run RT-11, RSTS and VMS and know what MSCP is and can do. Though 
the only MSCP/TMSCP I run is TK50s and RQDXn.  However the implmentation of 
it is non-trivial and copyrighted or the PCs would have it.

<dont knock MSCP! 

Not knocking it, just can't build it myself.  It requires a CPU and RAM
(more hardware) and still requires a bus of one sort or another to hook
it to drives.

<you get what you pay for. I'll gladly pay that 179 for a 4gig seagate hawk
<instead, because that hawk will last longer and have fewer problems than
<that el-cheapo IDE disk. because SCSI stuff tends ot be more expensive, it
<also tends to fall into a different slice of the market, and because of 
<this, most SCSI stuff tends to be a bit more profitable to make and thus
<have more room for building a quality drive. 

Really, the HDA for the 6.4mb drives is the exact one for both IDE and SCSI.
I know I have two servers with two each!  Maybe the Hawks are different, 
many of the drives being made only differ in the board bolted to the back
of the HDA and the price difference is attributable to the more costly 

<in my uVAX2, i have two RZ55's and two seagate ST41200N's (1gig each), hun
<off of a UC07, and those disks will _never_ die, short of taking a 12
<guage to them at point blank range. 

I know, My PC has 3 RZ56s, and the VAXfarm (4 3100s have another 6 RZ56s
plus the RZ23, 24, 25, and RZ26s I can find.  BUT! I only have one CMD200
scsi controller (and a RQDX3/RD54) for the BA123 MVII.  The poor VS2000s 
and the BA23 MVII are still running RD54s... One of which I installed new 
in 1990 at DEC when it was under desk system!