Subject: Re: Oooooh... IDE to Q-bus/Unibus adapters.
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Stephen Bell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/08/1999 20:36:45
   I almost had a PDP-11/34 using disks on 486 box (with bus mastering 
   VLB SCSI ) I was using a dr11c -> 16 bit I/O port on the ISA bus 
   (I/O bord was mostly the same as a pc parallel port but not quite) 

   It did speak both ways but I never finished any device drivers,
   I ran it using PIO on the unibus side.. (Hey cut that out, the 
   computer's almost older than I am.) 
   The Q-Bus equivalent should be fairly straight forward, 
   not fast as a disk device but probably faster that
   10Mbit ethernet for NFS

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Brian D Chase wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, John Wilson wrote:
> > Using something like that to make a PDP-11 act as a USB *peripheral*
> > might be useful too though...
> Yes, everyone with an iMac needs a PDP-11 coprocessor USB device...
>   "Hey Bill, is that one of those nifty PDP-11/70s sitting back there
>    behing your mouse?  Whew, it sure is warm in here."
> Personally, I think I'd opt to hang a nice VAX 11/780 off of my iMac.
> -brian.
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