Subject: Re: YP (NIS) and NetBSD
To: J. Buck Caldwell <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/05/1999 10:18:06
On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 01:11:55PM -0500, J. Buck Caldwell wrote:

> Questions:
>   On the master server, do I need to run YPBIND as well as YPSERV, and
> in which order? And when exactly should I run YPINIT -m?

on the server:

1) run 'ypinit -m <NISdomain>' and check /var/yp/<NISdomain> to make sure
that everything got created correctly...

2) start ypserv

3) start ypbind

it's not really necessary to run ypbind on the server, since all the
databases are available without going through NIS, but I do it anyway...

>   On the client machines, I run YPBIND, and I can sucessfully see
> correct information coming from the master in response to calls such as
> YPCAT and such. However, when I try to log in using a user id set up on
> the master, it comes back as unknown user. How do I force the client to
> retrieve the lastest info from the master? Or am I missing something
> critical, like a flag telling GETTY to check YP?

vipw and add '+:0::::::::' as the last entry.  Also add '+:0::' as the
last entry to /etc/group.  Then you should be set.

> Of course, I tried checking to see if they had any docs
> on it, but it's kinda not working right now... :>

The old O'Reilly 'Managing NFS and NIS' is somewhat outdated now, but
there are still some useful sections in it.

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