Subject: VS2000 and SCSI - summary
To: None <>
From: Bernhard H. Buckel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/02/1999 18:57:23
Dear mailinglist,

Ok, I got it up and (errrr... sort of) running. Obviously, I have to
netboot the box, but I'll try to test the patched PROMs mentioned on
the list. Stay tuned :-)

The generic distribution kernel panics when you try to fsck the disks
connected to the tape ports, you have to use the latest one from
subzero to do this. When running multiuser, the 1.4D kernel doesn fit
to the userland, so especially ps, w and friends don't work

What I do now is: If fsck is needed, I netboot the 1.4D kernel, fsck
and reboot the distribution kernel. In /etc/rc I obviously have to
comment out the "fsck -p" line - ugly, but it works. I'm still
suspecting that the machine crashes (or becomes at least unusable

And, just from curiosity: Is there any chance that support of the
"crippled" DMA buffers on the tape controller will be implemented?
It's fun to watch CPU load rise whenever I/O happens to/from the disk


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