Subject: Re: Many Thanks... and WTB:
To: J. Buck Caldwell <>
From: Doug Clements <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/1999 20:51:29
>A while back someone brought up the idea of modifying the `make -j N'
>usage to incorporate support for distributed makes across multiple
>machines.  So maybe the syntax would be something like:
>  make -J hostname1[,hostname2,...]
>You'd have to have the hosts configured properly to handle remote logins,
>but I think this should be a workable (and extremely cool) modification.
>This would eliminate the need to manually subdivide which bits of the file
>tree are arbitrated to compilation on certain hosts.

There is actually a perl script that will do this for you. It may be worth
finding it instead of mucking with the kernel. I beleive it uses rsh and
similar tools to copy source to other machines and compile them
automagically. I can't quite seem to find it, though. A little help?