Subject: Many Thanks... and WTB:
To: NetBSD Vax Port <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/1999 16:00:29
to Michael Kukat, J. Sturges, and Stefan Anders for thier responses
regarding YP and DHCP - I'm happily vaxing right along now. I'm only the
tiniest bit away from completing my evil project - I'm still in need of
a few items.

If you have any of the following for cheap/trade, please let me know:

(1) BNC Ethernet Transciever (for my terminal server)
(7) MMJ->DB25F adapters (for something less than the $13US that Blackbox

Once I've got these final items, I'll be able to commence my scariest
project yet - the Asymetrical MultiProcessing Kernel Make Machine. 8
VS3100s, all NFS mounting a source tree, each compiling a different bit.
God, sometimes I scare myself...

 -J. Buck Caldwell (muahahaha!)