Subject: Manual installation... problems.
To: NetBSD VAX Port <>
From: Cthulhu <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/1999 19:46:29
I suspect that sysinst from 1.4 distrib. is doing some check on free space,
so I manually expanded base.tgz, kern.tgz, etc.tgz on the RD53.

And, of course, I have some problems. :)

1) mounting /kern: is the following line in /etc/fstab right?

	kernfs		/kern		kernfs		rw	0 0

2) inetd doesn't seems to works well. It sometime says:

	....: inetd - pmap_set: 100001 1 17 65529: Undefined error 0

   and, after a while:
	....: inetd - pmap_set: 100001 2 17 65534: No message of desired

   Ping works, nfs works, telnet from vax to linux works.
   FTP and telnet into the vax, don't work.
   So, what does inetd wants?

3) Even when booting from disk, the halting countdown appears.
	Can I remove that contdown?
	What is the right procedure to write boot block on disk (from man
	pages, I've found 2/3 ways)?

4) Who will repair sysinst? :)



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