Subject: Re: problems with the netbsd site
To: Brian D Chase <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/1999 17:11:20
Hi !

> > I can confirm that I too see the problems using Netscape but if I just
> > telnet to port 80 at and type "GET /index.html" it returns
> > the home page as expected. Very weird.
> I think it can be said that the site is very thoroughly broken.  I've been
> unable to access the pages from either lynx or Netscape.  The "GET
> /index.html" HTTP test does work though.  Guess I'm just going to have to
> mentally format all the html and communicate with the site directly via
> typed in HTTP. :-)

Other useful tests:

HEAD /index.html

Don't have the time at the moment, but someone could play around with
these :-)

so long. Michael