Subject: RE: VS2000 and SCSI - it works!
To: Andrew Back <>
From: Bernhard H. Buckel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1999 16:58:48
Hi all!

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Back <> writes:

    Andrew> Hi, For anyone feeling adventurous with their VS/uVAX
    Andrew> 2000.. A guy on comp.os.vms, Wolfgang Moeller has created
    Andrew> a patch for the system ROMs. This patch allows booting
    Andrew> from SCSI disks as 'DK' type devices and perhaps from
    Andrew> CDROM also. You need to read your ROMs from OpenVMS ,
    Andrew> patch the images and then burn new ROMs from the
    Andrew> images. The utilities for reading ROMs and the patches are

Uhmmm, I'm not that much of a kernel hacker, but this sounds rather
like _real_ hard work. Shouldn't the kernel implement the change in
the PROMS? 

    Andrew> available from He did post details on
    Andrew> comp.os.vms so I don't think he'll mind me passing the
    Andrew> information on. He also has a MOP loadable image that will
    Andrew> then boot from SCSI and an image that can be put on a MFM
    Andrew> disk which will load then boot from SCSI.

This sounds possible to me - but I wanted to get rid of the noisy
RD54. So right now I'm netbooting and mount sd0a as root. Multiuser is 
in the works :-)

    Andrew> Id be interested to hear how anyone gets on with this
    Andrew> software, Im sure Wolfang would too
    Andrew> (

Since I don't happen to have access to an EPROM-burner, I can't settle 
for this - sounds interesting, though!

    Andrew> Any pointers for getting 1.4 installed on a SCSI disk in
    Andrew> my uVAX2K? Id like to try booting from SCSI with the aid

Not yet :-) As soon as I have this beast up and running, I'll post a
summary (or make a small webpage on the VAX which is supposed to run
boa as a webserver).

    Andrew> of Wolfgang's "ROM patch" loaded via MOP! If that works
    Andrew> it's just a matter of finding someone who can burn me some
    Andrew> new ROMs...

Well, this seems to be the only way - a naive B/MUA0 didn't
work. Besides I discovered that a "fsck /dev/sd0a" results in a kernel 
panic... It says:

panic: rensa
syncing disks... 3 3 done

dumping to dev 20,1 offset 38878
dump succeeded


Any hints on this?


Crash programs fail because they are based on the theory that, with
nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month.
		-- Wernher von Braun