Subject: Re: *Delurk* VXT?
To: , <>
From: Patrick Light <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1999 08:09:44
Any chance of someone unpacking these savesets and putting the files in a =
tar/gzip/compressed file somewhere?

>>> <> 06/30/99 12:09AM >>>
"" "Brian D Chase" wrote:

> Err... So what am I supposed to do with VXTKT021.A or VXT021.[A-E]?  Are

These are (probably) OpenVMS savesets. You need to break these open and =
dig out
the relevant .SYS file(s) or whatever - you don't need the installation =
management cruft just the mop-loadable images.

If the freely available vmsbackup program (or whatever it's actually =
won't break them open, you'll need an OpenVMS box to open them up.