Subject: MOP and the MicroVAX-I
To: NetBSD/vax Mailing List <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/29/1999 14:34:42
Anyone out there have historical experience trying to boot MicroVAX-I
class machines from the network?  I've got a DEQNA which I know works in
one of my MicroVAX-II systems.  From the console of the MicroVAX-I the 
"B XQA0" command does appear to send a MOP request, my MOP server picks it
up, but it's garbled:

Jun 29 13:54:57 beable mopd[231]: 8:0:2b:xx:yy:zz (1) \
  Do you have ^H      ^K^L^M^N? (No)

A good MOP request looks like:

Jun 29 10:52:45 beable mopd[231]: 8:0:2b:xx:yy:zz (2) \
  Do you have 08002bxxyyzz? (Yes)

I can probably hack mopd to open and send a file in the broken case above,
but I was wondering if anyone else knows anything about MOP on the MV-I.

The (1) [vs the (2)] reported by mopd in the log entry means that the
packet is in the older Ethernet instead of 802.3 format.  Will this be
problematic for NetBSD?

Brian "JARAI" Chase | | VAXZilla LIVES!!!