Subject: Re: *Delurk* VXT?
To: David Evans <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/29/1999 22:42:43
Hi !

>   I think that he means to run them without a heavy-duty OS, but just as X
> terminals.  The VXTblahblahblah terminals that DEC sold were, I believe, closer
> to VS3100s than to VS2000s.  That's not to say that somebody couldn't write
> such an OS for the VS2000 but it would be a bunch of work.

It IS the bootfile of my VXT 2000+. I just tried for fun, and it worked
with built-in monochrome console. I think it would also work with SPX, but
i didn't test yet.
It's very fast, compared to NetBSD/X on my DECstation, which should be a
bit faster than the VAXstations around here.
(VXT 2000+ is just a VS 4000 VLC, stripped a bit (no SCSI), and with SGEC
and SPX+ added. So, 6.2 VUPs. My daily desktop here at home.)

so long... Michael