Subject: Re: *Delurk* VXT?
To: Chris Craft <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/29/1999 22:39:31
Hi !

> Hi, I've been reading port-vax for a couple of years, but haven't
> contributed much... However, I did notice someone (I think it was
> Michael aus Rottweil) saying something about VS2Ks being better X terms
> than actually running NetBSD. (My first VS2K runs 1.3 from RD54 rather
> well, I thought, even though it is a bit cramped!)  Is this VXT software
> available, or must I find/beg/buy a license from DecPaq?

Hmmm... It is the VXT software, at least Version 2.1 supports a pure
X-server config, also suitable for VS2K with 4 Megs of RAM. You CAN find
this in the net with a good FTP search engine and a bit of inspiration of
guessing filenames... But don't tell the others :-)
You can purchase the whole pack with fonts, but this might cost some $$$.
Try to find a used VXT software license or something, or just the files.
(Don't know if Compaq still sells this...)

The file you must use is named "VXTEX.SYS" and is best booted by MOP via
network. It configures the box via BOOTP, you can enter a font path to a
TFTP-server and enter the IP-addresses of a gateway and a server running
any kind of X-login. Works nice with Linux, very fast for this slow box,
really usable. (Ok, 2 colors are not that much :-)

>   In other stuff: I have successfully netbooted VS2Ks, uVIIs and VS3100s
> with varying degrees of usability. My utmost thanks and appreciation to
> those who are working toward making NetBSD/VAX a very real alternative
> to VMS, especially Ragge, who heads the effort, and Brian for the
> netbooting howto.  Now if only I could get those things on my wish
> list... like a qbus interface for an LP26 (BIG printer!) and a qbus scsi
> card and a 6350bpi tape drive and card and... :)

QBUS SCSI would be nice... even if it were only my KZQSA, which might be
terribly slow, but faster that a PIO SCSI on the VAXstations. Think the
differences are not that big between the VS 3100 SCSI implementation and
the KZQSA.

> Keep up the good work!

We'll try :-)

so long... Michael