Subject: Dilog SQ706-A troubles
To: None <>
From: Jim Bender <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1999 17:28:20

A couple months ago I started trying to get a Dilog SQ706A
working on my MV3+ with little success.  Some other projects 
came up, but now I am trying again to get this card working.

Does anyone have a copy of the manual for this card?   There
are some jumpers on the card that may or may not be relevant
to the operation.

Currently, I am trying to attach a known-good DEC RZ57 to
the card.   The only signs of life I can get are the card
will send the format command to the drive, wait for it to
complete, and report success.

SHOW DEV at the >>> prompt reveals only "-?" instead of
the expected device list.

Booting into VMS (From a ESDI drive on a different controller)
hangs the system shortly after the verson banner appears.
Removing the SQ706 lets it boot normally without trouble.

The card *IS* at the proper address, 760340, behind a KDA-50
at 760334 and a ESDI card at 772150.

Is this card hosed?   Or just not configured correctly?   

I believe the SCSI bus to be properly terminated, but can
termination problems cause symptoms such as this?

Any insight greatly appreciated!