Subject: Re: NetBSD support for MicroVAX 3100's
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1999 17:50:33
Hi !

> How much different are these models?  I'm not sure how useful the 3100/40
> is without SCSI....

If you have a server standing around, it IS useful. (As far as a computer
with performance values of low-speed i486 processors is useful...) Don't
think of that much use, you'd better use your Intel-box for rendering
3D-images or playing high-speed-action games. Uses for VAXen with NetBSD
would be not that performance-needing services like mailservers or
webservers for little local networks. VAXen are more to collect. You also
won't buy a '44 Ford Pickup to hit the highways, you'd buy it for fun :-)

Bit MV 3100m40 has not that good support at the moment. I did the support
for the SOC CPU, and after my VAXstation 4000 VLC (very similar to the
MicroVAX 3100m40 as i know) worked fine, i called it supported, but there
is no cache. After seeing more problems with the SOC CPU, i must say: Use
at your own risk, many things are not running clean, and due to the
missing cache, the performance will be not that great.

> Is there any current effort to port to these platforms?

As soon as my VS 4000 VLC does more useful things, and i found out the
cache and interval timer stuff, i'll do the same for the rest of SOC
boxes. (MV 3100m40 and VAX 4000/200). But the results are not that good at
the moment.

so long.. Michael