Subject: Re: VAXstation & X11
To: None <>
From: Peter Rhein <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1999 15:58:35

sorry for delay, but I had to prepare some seminar for a
software-ergonomy course at university [explaining the odds of
Visual-Studio to some audience via PowerPoint ...]

> When I did the fast-hack version of console support for VS3100, the wscons
> system didn't like so much else than a PC keyboard :-)
hm, I thought only Linux was strongly i386-related?! :-)

> > [cursor keys at the LK401 disfunctional]
> Bugs? :-)

by adding some printfs to lkc.c I found the lkc codings (left=167,
right=168, down=169, up=170). And YES, it is enough (at least for VS3100
;) to change the definitions in /usr/include/dev/dec/lk201.h at line 52 to
the correct values:
#define KBD_LEFT        167             
#define KBD_RIGHT       168 
#define KBD_DOWN        169     
#define KBD_UP          170     

Now even my bash-readline works fine with cursor keys ;))
Where do the origin values come from? WHO DOES NEED THEM?? I wonder,
because the rest of the values seem to be wrong, too..
If wanted, I can "query" the whole keyboard and supply a correct lk201.h
(for LK-401 mappings; don't know if they differ here).

> [...] If the vaxstation uses
> a directly attached keyboard, it steals everything that comes in on 
> the keyboard/mouse serial ports. This is a hack.

I tried hacking lkc_catch() in lkc.c, but I never get a request for a line 
other than 0, the kbd (except when plugging the mouse WHILE RUNNING, then
I get line 1, so line 1 should be mouse.. but I hope mouse plugging is not
all I can receive ;)
Maybe this has to do with 
	*dz->sc_dr.dr_lpr = 0x1c18; /* XXX */
in lkc_attach() at lkc.c ?? I have no clue what this value is good for.
Maybe it is a kind of filter, for which events to accept? WHO KNOWS?

> [...] wskbd and wsmouse is currently unused. This should be
> fixed. (which means that someone should write that code :-)

well, after I get some right mouse events I could imagine it's me looking
at the WSCONS stuff.. ;) (Well, I could look to attach lkc to
wskeyboard, at least)
And thereafter, hacking Xmono is not far ;)

> > greetings from tuebingen (the place from the FIRST german
> > NetBSD-VAX-meeting ;)
> > 
> Wow. I think it may be the first NetBSD/vax meeting ever? :-)

Yes, and the next one is probabely going to be in Rottweil ;) (hi,

Greetings from tuebingen,