Subject: Re: NetBSD support for MicroVAX 3100's
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1999 09:38:37
Mmmm, bummer.

How much different are these models?  I'm not sure how useful the 3100/40
is without SCSI....

Is there any current effort to port to these platforms?


Michael Kukat <> on 06/27/99 04:18:52 PM

To:   Jason Scrivener/AUST/CSC@CSC
Subject:  Re: NetBSD support for MicroVAX 3100's

Hi !
> We have 3 models of MicroVAX and were hoping that at least one would run
> NetBSD.
> We have:
> 3100-90 (KA50)
> 3100-80 (KA??)
> 3100-40 (KA??)
Really nice. 80 and 90 are powerful boxes if i remember right. But 40 is
the only one, which currently might do a bit of useful things. But it's
detected as VAXstation 4000 VLC, the booter doesn't run fine on the SOC
CPU, and the Cache also is not enabled because of problems with the SOC
> Any comments or suggestions?
Those MicroVAXen are a bit similar to the 4000-series VAXstations. Mariah,
NVAX, SOC, these CPUs are used in VAXstation 4000 VLC/m60/m90. As i know,
the support for the VS 4000/60 is working, no SCSI, but it works. So the
MV 3100-80 should also work. But if you boot from "EZA0" there, you won't
have network as soon as the kernel comes up, SGEC is not yet supported.
So: Look out for an older box, and start hacking around in the kernel :-)
so long.. Michael