Subject: Re: VAXstationII back to life
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/27/1999 13:21:10
On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, Michael Kukat wrote:

> > 0) While installing, while running MAKDEV, it printed:
> > 	bad unit for disk in: random
> > 	bad unit for disk in: raid0
> > 	bad unit for disk in: raid1
> > 	bad unit for disk in: raid2
> >   Is '/dev/random' used by something important?
> I never had any problems with this. The errors appear always, but i don't
> think /dev/random is that important. Maybe it's not compiled into the
> kernel or so.
	The entry for 'ra*' disks is incorrectly picking up the random
	and raid devices and (understandably) having trouble with the
	disk numbers 'ndom', 'iad0' etc.  I've fixed the MAKEDEV in
	-current and submitted a pullup request for 1.4.1.

> > 1) At boot it says:
> > 	realmem = 9428992
> > 	avail mem = 6512640
> >    Who is using missing memory? Kernel?
> Kernel uses space for itself and for buffers and so, this seems to be
> about 3 Megs on your box. "avail mem" is the amount of RAM left for
> processes i would say.
	You can compile a custom kernel to save some memory (usually
	recommended :)

> > 4) The clock battery is missing, so at every boot the VAX thinks it is 1
> > Jan 1970, or something near. Will this cause _severe_ malfunction?
> Date is set by some kind of filesystem time i think, but if you want to
> compile something, you should set the date after every reboot, otherwise
> "make" could think of future binaries :-)
	You can run 'rdate <other_unix_box>' to set the clock to match
	another machine. You may want to create a /etc/netstart.local and
	drop that in to automatically set it early on in the boot sequence
	(Well, as soon as the network is up :)

> > 5) I've a problem. When I telnet into a VAX, I think VMS. How to solve
> > 	this? :)
	Edit the default entry in /etc/gettytab to change the login banner,
	to fool you into thinking its not a vax :)


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