Subject: VAXstationII back to life
To: NetBSD VAX Port <>
From: Cthulhu <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/27/1999 19:41:01
After building the DEQNA connetor, I was able to install NetBSD on it.
Just for knowledge, I netbooted using a linux box as mopd/bootparamd/nfsd,
then I installed via NFS on a single partition on RD53, no swap.

Now, of course, I have some questions. :)

0) While installing, while running MAKDEV, it printed:
	bad unit for disk in: random
	bad unit for disk in: raid0
	bad unit for disk in: raid1
	bad unit for disk in: raid2
  Is '/dev/random' used by something important?

1) At boot it says:
	realmem = 9428992
	avail mem = 6512640
   Who is using missing memory? Kernel?

2) About two weeks ago, I did a mirror of
   I have kernel 1.3I, while VAX port homepage was talking about 1.4.
   I'm trying just now kernels found in kernels/, but how is full
   distribution updated?
   Where to look for last updates?

3) 'shutdown -h now' doesn't work, 'halt' does, but drops a core. Why?

4) The clock battery is missing, so at every boot the VAX thinks it is 1
Jan 1970, or something near. Will this cause _severe_ malfunction?

5) I've a problem. When I telnet into a VAX, I think VMS. How to solve
	this? :)

Thanks for patience. :)



       Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu wgah'nagl fhtgan!
		       <cthulhu at flashnet dot it>