Subject: Re: New booter available
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/27/1999 13:52:25
> > Could you include the printing of a version string at the
> > time the bootloader starts?  I would find this helpful in
> > discussions about the bootloader (WRT keeping things straight
> > between which versions have what problems on which
> > systems). :-)
> I don't think a version number like 1.4 would make sense in the
> development phase. The date/time of make are printed, this
> should be enough information about the "version" of the booter.

Instead of matching the version number up with the release number
(resulting in a very "static" version number for the booter), why
can't just the bootloader have a separate version number much the
same as most of the other booters?

> > And then it would be sort of a courtesy to add some specific
> > info to the version string when people modify the bootloader
> > outside of the NetBSD repository.  Again, just to simplify
> > tracking these changes and their behaviors.
> What about the hostname of the make machine, like in the
> kernel? Should also be enough.  Maybe i'll try to put this in
> the next days.

That assumes that the booter will only be built by "those in
authority", and strikes me as a bad model for identifying the
version of the source the booter was built from.

- H=E5vard