Subject: Re: Vaxstation 4000-model 60
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/26/1999 23:58:16
On 25 Jun, Anders Magnusson wrote:

>> MissSophie:/nfsroot/oblina/swapfile     none    swap    sw,nfsmntpt=3D/s=
> MissSophie? That's a woman in a sketch they show on TV each new years
> evening in Sweden :-)
"The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?"
"The same procedure as every year, James!"
"Well, I'll do my very best."
I see it is not only in Germany tradition to show this sketch. :-)=20
I like it very much, so I took the names for some of my machines.

> in consio.c obviously converts all letters to lowercase.
> IIRC it is added because the ROM console routines on some VAX only return=
> upper-case letters.
OK. It is a feature, no bug. This feature brought me to stumble after I
instaled my customized Kernel. The kernel did not run stable, so i
wanted to boot the old, what I renamed to "netbsd.GENERIC" ...

I thought that there is also a hardwareproblem. I have strange non
reproducable errors with the VAX. Maybe it is a thermal problem. First
I assumed it is related to the memory. (biterrors...) But without swap
the machine has gone through ten kernelcompiles without an error. Based
on experiences with other computers I believe that a successful
kernelcompile is only possible with errorfree RAM.=20

At the moment the "it hangs when it uses swap" is the only reproducable
error apart from SCSI and the unsupported SPX graphic...