Subject: Re: Vaxstation 4000-model 60
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/25/1999 00:28:11
On 23 Jun, Tom Everett wrote:
>    So I'll have to use NFS mounts for drives? =20

> Does this mean that I have
> no swap, or can I swap on a NFS mount?
You can swap over NFS, put a line like this in your /etc/fstab
MissSophie:/nfsroot/oblina/swapfile     none    swap    sw,nfsmntpt=3D/swap
/swapfile must be a file in the size of the needed swapspace. See
You can generate a 20MB Swapfile with dd like this dd if=3D/dev/zero
of=3D/swapfile bs=3D1024 count=3D20480
But, my VS3100M76 with kernel=20
NetBSD 1.4_BETA (GENERIC) #2: Thu Apr 29 03:21:07 CEST 1999
hangs when it uses swap...
Without swap it runns stable.=20

BTW: Thanks to Michael for the new booter. The countdown works on my
machine. But why can't I type uppercase letters at the prompt of the
booter? I can type "(#!)" but not "HURZ". Bug or feature? (I am using a
vt100 compatible WYSE terminal for console.)