Subject: Re: VAXstation I questions
To: Matt <fredette@MIT.EDU>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/24/1999 17:49:22
Hi !

> I have the chance to buy a VAXstation I with some hard drives locally
> for an asking price of $100.  How's that for a price?

If i'm right, this is the slowest VAX ever made, isn't it ?
If you've got the chance to get another machine (VAXstation II upwards),
better do it. VAXen can be get for very low prices, often for free, so
before you pick this up, you should look for a bit faster one. I think 100
bucks is a bit too much for it... But it depends on the size of the hard
drives and if there are useful options inside, maybe you should take it
and have in mind to have some nice parts for the next VAX :-)
> I see from the NetBSD VAX hardware reference that this machine isn't
> supported.  I know nothing about VAXen, but would enjoy fooling around
> with porting NetBSD.  How difficult a port would this be?  (Put
> another way, how different is this beast from the nearest machine that
> does run NetBSD?)

Porting is not that difficult, and as long you don't compile the kernel on
the VAXstation I, it could be fun. Kernel compilation might take 2-3

so long.. Michael