Subject: Re: VAXstation & X11
To: Peter Rhein <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/23/1999 00:04:07
> NOW, what is missing to get the LKC and the mouse to get work with X11?
> i scanned the port-vax stuff and it seems ragge is "working on it"; i was
> looking at wscons-stuff, looking at lkc.c and dz_vsbus.c and around; it
> seems that there never was a real mouse support for vsbus, right? and the
> lkc support doesn't attach as /dev/wskbd*, hm.
When I did the fast-hack version of console support for VS3100, the wscons
system didn't like so much else than a PC keyboard :-) Those things have
changed later, I assume. 
The keyboard and mouse actually speaks on a normal serial port, so it is
nothing strange with them.

> still my cursor keys at the LK401 do not work on console. am i missing
> something? the lkc.c Fn-Key-checks around line 150 have different
> definitions than in <dev/dev/lk201.h> -- why?
Bugs? :-)

> when i try to open /dev/tty0[0123] (which should be dz0), i cannot find
> any mouse or keyboard related action.
That's because of how it is written right now. If the vaxstation uses
a directly attached keyboard, it steals everything that comes in on 
the keyboard/mouse serial ports. This is a hack.

> i wrote some tools to get wskbd, wsmouse and wsdisplay info (just calling
> the get-info-ioctls [should i post c-source to the list?]), and it seems
> only wsdisplay gets served.
Yes, that's correct. wskbd and wsmouse is currently unused. This should be
fixed. (which means that someone should write that code :-)

> i am at the beginning of netbsd-hacking, but willing to contribute
> something. just give me some pointers to the right direction, where to
> look for the missing connection.
Well, I think this is what needs to be done:
1) Understand how wskbd/wsmouse work.
2) Find out a way to connect the vax keyboard/mouse to wskbd/wsmouse.
3) Write code that does all this.
4) Hack the X server for vax to speak the wskbd/wsmouse interface.

I think there is a lot of things in the pmax port that can be looked at.

> greetings from tuebingen (the place from the FIRST german
> NetBSD-VAX-meeting ;)
Wow. I think it may be the first NetBSD/vax meeting ever? :-)

-- Ragge