Subject: RE: New booter available
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List: port-vax
Date: 06/22/1999 16:20:08

Could you fix the support for "hp" massbus drives while your're
at it ?  :-)

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Subject: Re: New booter available

> On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Michael Kukat wrote:
> > I just compiled the current booter sources, here are the features:
> > 
> > The countdown works on nearly ALL CPUs (good Job, Ragge :-), except 
> > 4000 VLC :-( Support for VAX 4000/300 is included and tested, 
support for
> > VAX 4000/200 is included and should be tested. Jon, would you test 
> > please. And please tell me, if the countdown works on the VAX 
> > because this thing also has a SOC CPU. Maybe the countdown doesn't 
work on
> > this CPU yet. But if it prints messages and tries to boot... the 
> > step should be done.
> Ragge/Michael,
> Could you include the printing of a version string at the time the
> bootloader starts?  I would find this helpful in discussions about the
> bootloader (WRT keeping things straight between which versions have 
> problems on which systems). :-)
I'm working on the bootloader right now, so it's a "work in progress".
I hope that a lot of things will be better when this work is finished.

-- Ragge
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