Subject: New booter available
To: Port-VAX Mailinglist <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/22/1999 22:14:26
Hi !

I just compiled the current booter sources, here are the features:

The countdown works on nearly ALL CPUs (good Job, Ragge :-), except my
4000 VLC :-( Support for VAX 4000/300 is included and tested, support for
VAX 4000/200 is included and should be tested. Jon, would you test it,
please. And please tell me, if the countdown works on the VAX 4000/200,
because this thing also has a SOC CPU. Maybe the countdown doesn't work on
this CPU yet. But if it prints messages and tries to boot... the first
step should be done.

Notes for DHCP:
There were problems with Linux DHCP servers for now (ISC dhcpd), there are
gone in the new version, DHCP works fine from my Linux box. If you have
more than one DHCP server, you could get into trouble with DELQA and maybe
other QBUS cards, the booter crashes when mounting the NFS root, when it
gets more than one DHCP answer.

Try it, results to the mail please.

Download it from:
(sorry for .zip, MIME-problem :-)

The "boot.mop" is in this archive, should work with every mopd.

so long.. Michael