Subject: VAXstation & X11
To: None <>
From: Peter Rhein <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/22/1999 17:59:30

> [...] There's no mouse or support yet, so it's only an exercise in
> "Wow, that's X alright -- nifty."  It has very little practicle
> application.
(brian: i hope it's ok to cite your email)

i found some qvioctl.h (from BSD, later i found ragge was already
pointing to it) and patched some headers&includes, so i think i finally
catched up the previously described state. :)

beside: it took me a while to enable the ctrl-shift-Fn for multiple ttys
(as i am used to i386-linux), since i only did a "MAKDEV std" to get
control over the amount of files in /dev (which was purely my big, stupid
mistake ;). i really am missing some /usr/src/sys/Documentation directory
and especially the devices.txt file ;)

NOW, what is missing to get the LKC and the mouse to get work with X11?
i scanned the port-vax stuff and it seems ragge is "working on it"; i was
looking at wscons-stuff, looking at lkc.c and dz_vsbus.c and around; it
seems that there never was a real mouse support for vsbus, right? and the
lkc support doesn't attach as /dev/wskbd*, hm.

still my cursor keys at the LK401 do not work on console. am i missing
something? the lkc.c Fn-Key-checks around line 150 have different
definitions than in <dev/dev/lk201.h> -- why?

when i try to open /dev/tty0[0123] (which should be dz0), i cannot find
any mouse or keyboard related action.

i wrote some tools to get wskbd, wsmouse and wsdisplay info (just calling
the get-info-ioctls [should i post c-source to the list?]), and it seems
only wsdisplay gets served.

i am at the beginning of netbsd-hacking, but willing to contribute
something. just give me some pointers to the right direction, where to
look for the missing connection.

greetings from tuebingen (the place from the FIRST german
NetBSD-VAX-meeting ;)