Subject: temporary (summer) equipment donation offer
To: None <,>
From: Nathan Dorfman <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/22/1999 09:54:59
I'm going to be spending the summer in Europe, starting this Monday,
June 28, and returning August 30. So, this is somewhat short notice,but
the idea just popped into my head now to perhaps put some of my computers
to good use while I'm gone.

The following equipment will not be in use while I'm gone:

ss5/85, 2x32M DIMM (64MB RAM), 2GB Fujitsu disk		(sun4m)
ss2, 64MB RAM, 2GB IBM DCAS disk			(sun4c)
ss1+, 48MB RAM, 1GB Conner disk				(sun4c)

Also, another two or three diskless ss1+es with RAM ranging from 20M
to 32M. None of the above have framebuffers except for the ss5, which
has a cgsix. I have one GDM-1662B (16" color Sun monitor), a Type 5
keyboard, and a Type 4 keyboard+mouse+pad.

VaxStation 3100, 20MB RAM, 500MB disk + 100MB disk
	(I knew I copied to port-vax for a reason! :>)

I don't have the graphics console, you'll have to boot serial console. carries MMJ cables, and carries MMJ->DB9/25

In any case, if there are NetBSD developers in the New York area somewhere
I would be willing to lend this equipment for the next two months, in hope
that it will better the SPARC and/or VAX ports in some way. Shipping would
be a major pain in the ass and I'd be mostly reluctant, especially less
than a week before I leave.
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