Subject: Re: Floppy init
To: John Wilson <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1999 16:11:07
> At least the PDP-11 flavor of this utility (ZRQC??, right?) will only do
> RX33s, are you saying there's a way to convince the hardware to do RX50s too?
> In my MSCP reverse-engineering adventures I found that the RQDX3's "OP.SP8"

I'll look up the diag for the 11 when I'm home.  I'm fairly certain that
ZRQC?? will not and another XXDP diag does RX50.

> N.B. another piece of RQZX1/RQDX3 annoyance is that the RQZX1 apparently
> expects the disk to be "online" (with MD.IMF) before formating, while the
> RQDX3 expects it to be "available".  Hey whatever.  It seems that these are

Difference in the RX33 logic and the rx50 logic for Drive_ready. RX33 can
sense if Disk in place and tests before formatting and the RX50 you have
to try and wait for controller timeout to get an ide of disk in place.
If I'm wrong on that it's only by details but there is a difference.