Subject: Disks for uVax II
To: NetBSD \"Port-VAX\" Mailing List <>
From: Douglas S. Meade <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1999 11:49:52

I've got some questions about disk drives for the uVax II.  I've
got the RQDX3 controller, and the machine currently has two RD53
drives, but without cables (I've ordered some MFM cables from
ITS  I'm a bit confused about what kind of
drives will actually work with this controller.  I have an
old ESDI drive from a PS/2, that uses the same kind of
cable interface, and I've seen Micropolis 170 MB ESDI
drives available.

I've got another Micropolis 1375 (170Mb) that has a SCSI
interface, but looks identical in every other respect to the
RD53 drives, which say they are Micropolis 1325.  Could it
be converted easily to a drive the uVax would be happy with,
say by attaching a mounting from an old RD53?

Of course, I'd love to get ahold of a good SCSI controller,
and hook up several gigs to this thing, but ...