Subject: Re: I think my DEQNA works.
To: Douglas S. Meade <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1999 07:38:05
Hi !

> >> NetBSD/vax boot [May 7, 1999.... ] <<
> >> Press any key to autoboot .. 5
> here it gets as far as 5, then stops, then I try hitting a key,
> and I get:
>   > boot netbsd
>     Trying BOOTP     
> then it stops again.
> This is stumping me.  The Vaxstation 3100 booted right away.  Is 
> there something else I should be turning on for the uVax?

Yes, you have to configure some things, which you did for the VS 3100
also. The booter wants to get some information to know, who it is and what
it has to boot. This is done by BOOTP in this version. If you have bootpd
running, look at /etc/bootptab. If you used BOOTPARAMS, make sure your
system knows about rarp, and you have a bootparamd running. (Look at

Or simply use the same booter on the 3100 and look how it boots, BOOTP or
BOOTPARAMS. Just wait until BOOTP fails, it tries BOOTPARAMS then. (Could
take up to 2 minutes i think)

> By the way, this is the kernel from kern.tgz in binary/sets.
> I didn't have the other kernel handy, but I'll get it 
> tomorrow.  Could that be it?

No, you're not far enough for the kernel having problems :-)

So long.. Michael