Subject: Re: Summarisation on uvII/VS3100 booting
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Ronny Svedman <ronny@Update.UU.SE>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1999 06:28:05
On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Chuck McManis wrote:

> At 08:01 PM 6/20/99 +0000, NetBSD Mailing list wrote:
> >o	Booting from tape doesn't work for both platforms.
> Actually I've done this on my Uvax II with a TK70, I don't have a TK50 to
> try it on.

I installed my 1.3.2 uVIIsystem entirely from TK50 tape, using ultrix 3.0
to write the tapes.  (hare dd)

> >The summary of all this is:
> >	- You simply MUST netboot the uvII to create a system from scratch.  
> >	If you don't have a system to netboot from, you're out of luck.  
> >	Once the system is built as mentioned above (in the install comment),
> >	you can boot and go just fine.  NetBSD/vax STABILITY becomes the 
> >	issue now.
> This is, by far, the most reliable means to get to a running system.
> Now it is very stable so far given two conditions:
> 	1) You never swap.
> 	2) You use NFS to mount all your disks.

1.3.2 was rather confortable swapping to RD54 disks, as long as you dont
type too fast on the console terminal under heavy disk activity. when you
log in via a DHV11 serial port or via telnet you cant flood it into panic. 
really neat personality issue for a system don't you think ?