Subject: Netbsd on VS3100-76/SPX
To: NetBSDVAX <>
From: Dann Lunsford <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/20/1999 13:56:44
I just got back from USENIX clutching a set of CD's, and immediately
started attempting to load NetBSD on one of my VS3100-76's.  I've read
everything in the FAQ and gone over the archives, but haven't seen
something like this problem.

I have three VS-3100, m76, in a LAVC.  The machine I wanted to use for
NetBSD has an outboard 1GB disk attached to it as DKB0:, and since I
just want a dual boot system, I thought I'd load NetBSD there so I could
retain VMS.  I've tried booting the miniroot on the CD from two
different tapedrives, and raw copying it to the disk, with the same
result:  It hangs at the countdown, never going below 5.  If I hit a
key, it drops to a prompt I can type to after telling me it's trying to
boot 4 different kernels, but nothing I type seems to to do anything
except tell me "boot [filename] [-asd]".  

This is a 32Mb VS3100-76/SPX, 4 internal drives, 1 external, 3 tapes (2
8mm, 1 4mm), CD.  Works flawlessly with VMS.  I am obviously missing
something, but what I don't know.  Anybody got a clue they can send my

Thanks in advance.

     Dann Lunsford