Subject: Re: Again: Booting a Vax-Server 3100 with NetBSD-1.4
To: Bertram Barth <>
From: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/20/1999 01:42:48
On 19 Jun 1999, Bertram Barth wrote:
> newfs creates and writes data in host-byteorder. VAX is little-endian,
> PMAX is big-endian. Thus filesystems are not interchangeable.
> Away from the different layout of bootblocks filesystems created on
> i386 and VAX would be interchangeable.

Ehm, Nope, i386 and VAX filesystems are not interchangeable. 
The i386 version expects the disklabel to start at block 0 on the disk,
where as just about every other system expect the disklabel to be located
at block 1. (Or was it the other way around?)
This means that a PC doesn't recognize a disk with a filesystem
made on a VAX. It applies the other way around also, the VAX doesn't
recognize a filesystem on a HD if it's made on a PC.

The funny thing is however that this only seems to apply to the kernel.
Disklabel recognize the layout as valid if one force it to read the label
from the disk instead.

The format of the diskettes are the same though. A PC thinks a (bootable)
diskette from a VAX is bootable. It reads the bootblock and hangs!!! :-) 


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