Subject: Re: Floppy booting NETBSD 1.4 on VS3100
To: Lehle Wolf <>
From: William Gnadt <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/17/1999 14:45:25

I've interspersed my comments below:

Lehle Wolf wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all: Sorry I don't have a solution for your problem. But perharps
> you have one for me !


> I'm also trying to boot from a floppy using the miniroot.fs. The problem now
> is my VaxStation3100 M38 does not boot from floppy: I used the DOS-program
> Rawrite.exe for writing the miniroot.fs (tonight I try your "dd
> ..."-command)

rawrite under DOS should yield exactly the same results as dd under
[Be sure to use relatively new, high-quality diskettes!]

 and if I enter "b dka500" at the boot-monitor level (the thing
> you get if you press the reset-button) I see the floppy-drive-LED and then
> the message "84 FAIL".

I think I faced a similar problem. What I did was to insert the floppy
wait for 20-30 seconds until the drive spins up for a few seconds and
stops. [The drive light does not come on--I verified the disk movement
gently touching the diskette while in the drive. I assume that the disk
presence and maybe format are briefly checked by the boot monitor.]

Once the boot monitor checks the disk, it can be accessed. Just boot as
normally would. YMMV!

> I use a RX23AA floppy drive in my VAX, which one do you use ?

I also have an RX23.

> You are mailing, that you are doing something from a linux box (b/3 dua2). I
> have a bare machine. Perharps it's wrong to enter the boot command from the
> boot-monitor-level ?

I typed the boot commands directly on the VS console. [I have a monitor
and kbd.]
However, the commands could just as easily be sent from a serial

The command:

	b/3 dua2

translates as follows:

b = boot
/3 = prompt for user input (i.e. don't autoboot)
dua2 = the floppy device, found by typing 'show device' on the console

> Wolf
> PS. I have several VaxStation3100 some with no M38-label on it and some
> with. The one without, are those VaxStation3100/30 ?

This was answered in another post.

Good luck. I hope this helped a bit.


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